School & Public Transport

Vandalism, abusive behaviour and bullying are unfortunately common problems on school & Public transport vehicles - with the number of reported incidents increasing rapidly over the last few years. The installation mobile CCTV on to a school & Public bus is considered by private operators and local authorities alike, to be a valuable solution in overcoming the problems - both as a deterrent and as a method of gathering evidence should incidents occur. Evidence often leads to temporary or permanent exclusion of pupils from use of school & Public transport.

Children on bus

We directly supply private bus and coach operators and local authorities with mobile CCTV solutions. Our particular knowledge and experience within school & Public transport area enables us to match the latest in digital CCTV technology with unprecedented service and support.

Our digital video recorders and cameras are designed specifically for bus and coach applications and withstand the expected environment issues of vibration, dust and changing temperatures. Whether fitted to single deck or double deck vehicles the configuration of cameras is such that all seating areas and access doors are monitored. Additional external cameras can be fitted as required to the front, back or sides of the vehicle, plus a monitor can be situated near to the driver allowing them for example to see images from cameras on a top deck.

As a private operator, CCTV helps to protect both your vehicles and passengers, minimising unwanted costs of damage that may also bring into question the financial value of the contracts themselves. Installation of equipment takes place at your premises to minimise any inconvenience in a vehicle being off the road and full after sales service is available.
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