The main effects and benefits of In-Vehicle CCTV on commercial fleet vehicle transport


  1. Accidents
  2. Injuries
  3. False claims
  4. Out-of-court settlements
  5. False insurance and litigation claims
  6. Insurance premiums
  7. Crash for cash claims
  8. False whiplash claims
  9. Driver attacks
  10. Road rage


  1. Drivers and transport companies are generally unable to produce or offer adequate visual defence evidence against claims
  2. Without ‘visual evidence’ Insurers and/or transport companies often ‘pay-on-claim’, avoiding the likelihood of increased litigation costs, plus potential loss of credibility.

Customer Service

  1. Maintain high levels of service to customers
  2. Retain customer credibility
  3. Increase new customer potential
  4. Reliability of service
  5. Deliver goods on time
  6. Reduce down-time
  7. Maintain fleet levels
  8. Promotional advantages

UK Statistics

30,000 ‘cash for crash’ claims per year 1,300 new claims for whiplash, every day. In June 2012 the BBC reported a 30% increase in claims. Most transport companies report an average loss per vehicle per year in excess of £3,500. Commercial drivers and fleet operators are the most prone to staged and false accident claims. 75% of accidents are caused by other road users (data IRTU 2010)

Lorry View

The Solution

Install ‘real time’, mobile In-Vehicle CCTV ‘Black Box’ type recording systems. Single to multi-camera options provide visual protection and claim defence evidence. 360oEye-Data® options.

Dash Cam

Installation Benefits of Black Box Type Mobile CCTV Recording Systems

  • Subconsciously drivers become more aware and take greater responsibility for their actions
  • In the event of accidents and false claims, real time CCTV footage offers substantial protection and defence against claims
  • Accidents reduced by a minimum of 50%
  • Improved driver techniques reduces fuel consumption (UK figures show a 10% fuel reduction)
  • Insurance premiums stabilised and even reduced (please refer to JCB Commercial Vehicle Insurance)
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, reduction in down time, reduced fleet running costs
  • Improvements in driver actions can be used to propagate competitiveness and training programmes

Transport companies are being subjected to ever increasing false accidents and out of court settlements that are often in excess of £3,500.00 per vehicle, per year. Installing multi camera recording systems will provide protection and a return on investment.

In-Vehicle CCTV provides ‘real time’ image defence against such claims, plus the added benefit of altering driver perceptions to safety, reducing accidents, repairs, maintenance and fuel costs, plus stabilizing insurance premiums and possibly long term reducing them.
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